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Ms. Rachel has made a career of    caring for  children.  She has over 30 years of childcare  experience.  Along with her childcare history she has been a  professional storyteller for  children for the past 4+ years.  Ms. Rachel enjoys using the props available in the mall to weave into her stories.  Come back often as each season has something new to bring to the trip. 

Mr. Norm is an elementary teacher who loves the art of music and literature.     Telling a story with voices and sound   effects are what make Mr. Norm’s stories come to life.  Our company is always focused on safety and Mr. Norm has had extensive safety training when he worked at Six Flags in addition to the safety training all of our drivers receive here. 

Ms. Vicky is a Sunday School teacher and  former  pre-school teacher.  As her clown character “Flower“ she  often entertains and delights the   children with which she works.  Writing and creating stories and poetry for  children is one of her  specialties and we love to hear them.  She brings creativity and fun to her time on the train.

Ms. Julie has worked as an      elementary music teacher for twelve  years. She is an improv actor who loves to use many   character voices as she brings her stories to life.  Being multi–lingual brings a unique talent to her time on the train.  She may entertain you with one of her Arabic songs that she sings with her band Layalina.

Mr. Joey brings a unique talent of whistling to our group.  He has been on stage at Disneyland.  Writing is also a talent Mr. Joey brings as he is working on several novels. He also works with children in his Sunday School class that he team teaches with his wife. We are happy to have him on board to add a unique experience on the train.

Mr. Greg is the newest addition to the JTF crew.  He loves to write and perform music here in Austin and loves all forms of music     especially West Africa and India.  He has 20+ years experience working with children in all age groups as he teaches music and shares the love of learning with his students.  Come by and you might get a chance to play some music with him!