"Great Trains, Friendly Service and Smiles."
We Provide
Trackless Train Rides
For Kids Entertainment in
Austin, Cedar Park and
Round Rock, Texas
All Just Train Fun! Engineers are Positively Outrageous Service Professionals
Our Engineers
with wonderful gifts with which to enjoy relating to children and adults alike. 

Visit Calendars to see when and where they will next serve our neighbors.

Each driver is given 60 days or 90 hours of training before they earn their "stripes" and given their coveralls to wear.

Each driver has a solid background in working with children, a safe driving record and brings unique gifts of relationship / entertainment to the train riding experience.

Musicians.  Storytellers. Jugglers. Singers. Sing songs.  Whistlers.  Play games.  Puppets. 

On occassion or during special events at any one or all of our three locations, Austin, Cedar Park and Round Rock, some of our engineers we may do face painting or make balloon animals for the kids entertainment.


While on-board your engineer will present their gifts for kids entertainment using  their own style and content.  Whether it be music, singing songs, whistling, or story telling, you and your family will enjoy a journey through the mall common areas for some
are extraordinary
Just Train Fun!
4309 Zuni Drive
Austin, Texas 78759

David & Rhonda Friedrichs

(512) 795-0273
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